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Everybody welcome to the With Our CEO podcast where the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing.com Robert Cairns

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talks about digital marketing, web design, work for security, branding, business life and more. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and welcome to this week’s episode.

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Hey, Robert Cairns CEO and Chief crater amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. com.

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Today I thought I talk about something that really matters in the webcam. And that’s web hosting.

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I know I’ve talked about hosting before, and frankly, in matters and it matters more than them. Why does hosting matter? First of all, to get the resources you need to run your website. Second of all, is the first line of defense for security issues. Third of all,

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the support at the host managers to help you the business owner or the web developer

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support this websites that are on your hosting plan.

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The End Of course, price matters. So the all these things matter when choosing host one of my biggest suggestion is don’t choose the host what’s the cheapest price doesn’t work?

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Those were cheap prices don’t provide very good sport and frankly don’t provide good resources. So think about that. Also think about what they need to SharePoint.

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Basically a plan on another server with other plans. A VPN is called a virtual private server.

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And basically is a virtual server on top of another server. So it’s isolated a little more, or a dedicated server, which is the park set your rent. And really why you need to decide is depending on the resources that you need to run your website, I actually use combination of dedicated servers so much easier sounds hassles, and it’s easier to go to maintain, from my perspective.

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Getting if you get in the servers, you need to check out from the hostess did they manage the server for you or did they expect you to manage it yourself?

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Couple considerations when choosing a host? What’s their support? Like? Is it really good? How does the support to in text chat email or on the phone? If find out your preferred method test?

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Does What’s the price increases like after the first year? We all know in the hosting game, they offer you a cheap first year price and then upload the prices. Is the host competitively priced for all other hosts on that tier.

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Are they really are they really more expensive?

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In our opinion, the host so we like to studying digital marketing com site ground. There’s no question we’ve almost sacred for four years down.

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Less had issues. I’ve also got clients or liquid web cloud ways. WP Engine nail work fine, this one. I have nothing against

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For me, and this is from past experience because I’ve been there, I’ve tried them, try them all, which stay away from GoDaddy for anything domain registration, hosting whatever.

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We’ve been working really hard to move everything from studying digital marketing com out there to GoDaddy ecosystem we’re down to one domain and we’ll get that moved and we’ll be done. So stay away

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for hosting I would also stay away from one in one calm many many years ago when I started developing websites with clients is going back nine years ago major problems one on one call to the point I was speaking at a major conference on my site was down because not a good situation. And the other place I would stay away from is anything on by EA T and during Sarah national group. That includes snack firms power web host gator Blue Host and more. Go do

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Search, find the Wikipedia, read what hosts they have and stay away from those.

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Site ground is our recommended hostess great liquid web. WP Engine,

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cloud Blaze and so on.

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The reality is the social costs more, but you know what you pay for what you get. If you pay cheap, you’re going to get lousy tech support, they can afford it. Think about it, to really pay for what you get into hosting day. And one of the things that matters is what to do on the front end to help you with security issues. I know for being a site ground customer, when there’s been major issues that have happened frankly site ground is actually blocked several script issues from WordPress vulnerability center firewall. Good for them. Choose your host carefully. Those are some ideas to think about. Remember hosting matter for your website as well.

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Robert Cairns stunning digital marketing com. Have a great day. Bye. Bye for now.

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This podcast is dedicated to Rob’s late father Bruce Cairns.

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Keep working to make your business succeed. And don’t forget, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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