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Everybody welcome to the With Our CEO podcast where the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing. com Robert Cairns

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talks about digital marketing, web design, work for security, branding, business life and more. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and welcome to this week’s episode.

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Hey Rob Cairns CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at SyunningDigitalMarketing.com the Digital Agency that focuses in digital marketing, WordPress design and development and WordPress security to help you succeed in the digital world, how’s everybody doing today? Today’s with her co really want to spend some time talking about situation I ran into, at a Toronto library entrepreneurs event just with

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there was this young lady who actually asked sick ass to was talking about video production. What an amazing talk. And what she said to him was, nobody ever has the time to spend with me to get into my head to produce what I want, whether it’s video or web design. And my question was, how do you trying to do this? So you’re doing this by paying premium Are you paying this do some cheap and she said I’m trying to save money. Wow, here’s the problem.

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If you’re paying somebody say 500 bucks Are you paying somebody 1500 dollars, the odds are on a 1500 dollar job I can have more time to spend with you to get into your head and do the research for what you need that if you pay 500 The reality is if you pay cheap you get cheap and you might not get the results you want. So that’s Problem number one. Problem number two is lady didn’t have the digital marketing budget. You need to develop one as a start up as an entrepreneur as something you need to develop that marketing budget such problem number two, and then she went on to say well, all these digital agencies tell me I need to be everywhere on every platform.

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That is so not too far sphere but our agency standing digital marketing com Our philosophy is you need to do things right so for example, I have a jewelry store client shout out to my friend felt answer who runs ringleader tourism Pickering, Ontario

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What he does is he does a lot of Instagram and on Facebook, because cat converts really well for his business. Yes, you have spend time on your website, but the point is Instagram, Facebook does really well. I do the Twitter posts, but not very often.

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what you gotta do is look at where your demographics are. So if you, your demographic is on Pinterest, get yourself over to us. If your followers on Instagram, go where your tribe and spend the time focused. Small business owners don’t necessarily have the time. I strongly agree on an omni channel approach, which means multiple channels. But that can be Facebook and Instagram. That can be Facebook and Twitter. You get what I’m saying here. I know Phil in his business because he’s fetus, he doesn’t spend any time on LinkedIn. Do I blame them now first business market I know. Whereas in my case, our agency, we started to

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Hi, I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and I really don’t do a lot of Instagram for my business I go a little bit here and there but for me it doesn’t convert. So I don’t spend the time. So think about it, drill it down, narrow down what you need to great point from this lady two things just to talk about so I hope those two business glad to help you. As always, I’m here on with our CEO please reach out email me at hello at studying digital marketing. com run over deciding digital marketing. com slash blog get your free WordPress design digital marketing help sign up for our newsletter goes to your inbox once or twice a week to try and give you some free digital marketing tips will never ask you for a credit card will never ask you for more for the newsletter then your name and your email address that simple OPT on in much help you out every day.

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I hope you’re all well and enjoy your week.

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Bye for now.

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