Windows 10 has now been out for a while and I thought I would talk about some of the issues for all the later adopters. As of today i have completed over 40 upgrades. Surprisingly most of them have gone very well. 3 of them have had issues and I want to share those issues with you to make sure your upgrade path is much easier.

The first issue is to make sure that you have enough disk space. The 32 Bit version requires 16 GB of storage space and the 64 Bit version requires 20 GB version. One of my clients did not have enough working space and as a result we did a hard drive upgrade in her laptop and the issue was resolved. A little tip – I like to use Clonezilla which is a free open source program to image one driver to another.

For all the specifications for Windows 10 you can click here for the official Microsoft specs.

The second issue is when you do an in place Windows 10 upgrade, file and printer permissions are not retained. These need to be added manually. It would be nice if Microsoft had carried over the permissions from previous versions.

The third issue and the biggest was my own laptop. I own an HP Pavillion G6. When I upgraded to Windows 10 I had all kinds of issues. Microsoft had said that anyone running the Windows 10 Pre Release version could upgrade directly to the Windows 10 release version. In my case this did not work due to driver issues.

I downgraded to Windows 8.1 by doing a fresh install since I had an upgrade license for my laptop. Two hours later I ran into the same driver issues and thee messages did not say which driver.

At this point I made a quick decision to downgrade to Windows 7. I had made the installation disks when I first purchased my laptop. Believe it or not after installing the Windows 7 that originally came with my laptop i still ran into driver issues.

At this point I was at a loss and frustrated with my laptop.  I thought I would install Windows 7 with no drivers and then install an external USB network card that I had. Believe it or not I was then able to upgrade to Windows 10 directly from my Windows 7 install. It seems network drivers caused my issue.

A couple of things made my upgrade much easier. The were as follows:

  1. I had all my installation media handy.
  2. I use Dropbox to store all my data files on.
  3. I use Ninite to install all my shareware and freeware on my laptop. It builds an installer with no tool bars and crapware built into them..

I hope these tips helps you when you are upgrading to Windows 10 and makes things easier for you.

Please share your Windows 10 upgrade experiences with a comment in the box below.