One of the biggest things in protecting your brand is you need to own and control your own domain name. This is one of the biggest things businesses make is that they think they own their own domain when they really don’t. Let us take time and look at how this happens.

The situation that usually causes this is a company goes to their web developer/designer and asks them to register a domain on their behalf. The web developer/designer builds the cost of the domain into the project. The web developer/designer then registers the domain name in their own domain registration account. The problem here is the web developer/designer now controls the client’s domain name. This is an issue.

It gets worse when the web developer/designer is informed that his/her services are no longer needed. In many cases, they will not turn over the rights to the domain. This is actually wrong and fraud.

At we have had this scenario play out multiple times in the last 3 years. In every case but one, we had to wait for the domain to expire, go past the domain registration grace period and then re-register the domains for the clients involved. In one case and only one, the previous web designer turned over the domain name.

At what we do and consider ethical is we will register domains on the behalf of clients. We always register the domains in new domain registration accounts not our own. Once the project is completed and paid for in full, we then turn the new domain registration account over to the client. That way the client owns their property – the domain name. This is the right and ethical way to register a domain for a client.

The other easy way is to have the client register the domain names themselves. This method works as well.

The entire key is for the client to maintain and control the domain name. After all, it is their property. Can you imagine having a domain for 5 years, building all kinds of SEO value and losing all of it because you have a falling out with your web designer? Think about it!

Protect your domain names. They are very important to your branding and the success of your company.

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