At we believe in empowering the people we work. One of the biggest time wasters we have found is trying to schedule a meeting with someone. Sometimes the back and forth can take longer than the meeting itself. This happens all the time.

Our email accounts are hosted on Gsuite. This means we use Gmail to access our email and this is our best practices for small businesses. By doing this with your email you will have access to Google Calendar from your corporate email address to keep track of your appointments.

Our team uses the Google Calendar to manage all our work and personal schedules. There are apps for both Android and IOS. So you can have your calendar in your pocket without carrying large daytimers around. This is taking the days of PDAs even one more amazing step. Our CEO; Robert Cairns’; has not carried a paper calendar in over 10 years. He used to use a PDA and now uses Google Calendar to manage his daily schedule.

At we take this one step further. We use an app that lets customers and potential customers book directly into our calendar. They can book a 30 minute, 60 minute or a 120-minute meeting.  The product we use checks our Google calendar and only displays time slots that are available. No more back and forth. No more having to check calendars multiple times. This is a big time saver.

Not only is it a big time saver but we find those who book their own appointments almost always show up for them. By doing it themselves they take ownership of the appointment. This results in fewer no-shows and a more productivity day.

Currently, the product we are using to integrate with our calendar is the Hubspot CRM. It is 100% free for this purpose. Our calendar book screen can be found by clicking here. It is easy for the person booking the meeting to use.

How do you feel about allowing clients to book directly into your calendar? Please leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts.