We know a lot of websites, marketers and full-time bloggers use affiliate links for products and services. They use these links to generate some residual income for their businesses. Some of these sites even go so far as to have online ads. At StunningDigitalMarketing.com we use none of these strategies.

Some people would argue we are leaving income on the table. We disagree. Our prime service we provide is Digital Marketing not affiliate marketing. In past we have used affiliate links as well as had some advertising on our blog. For the little income these methods brought in, we felt it was not worth compromising our integrity to have to patronize advertisers.

Let us explain. If you have paid ads on your website, it is hard to criticize those who are advertising on your website. This impacts our editorial policy which is transparency. How can you have transparency when you have to say what your advertisers want you to say.

The same goes for affiliate links. Bloggers and website owners will write all kinds of nice things to get you to click on an affiliate link, so it betters their chance of earning a commission. Sometimes article with affiliate links are known as click bait as their prime objective is to get you to click on the link so it betters the chance of viewer purchasing the product which generates a commission for the blogger/website owner.

Frankly, we do not like to write blog posts this way. We feel that if we really like a product we will recommend it anyway. The same holds true if we hate a product. We will say why we do not like it and why. By not using affiliate links we are not just promoting services/goods but providing a lot of content on why we like/do not like a product or service. This is much more valuable for our readers.

At StunningDigitalMarketing.com we believe our integrity is much more important then making a few dollars on the side. Giving our readers the best option for them is way more valuable. Please share your feelings in the comment box below.