I have been in business for many years. One of the things I do in my business Is I generally do not charge an hourly rate. I prefer to charge a fee to work towards a predetermined result. Let me explain why.

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The problems with charging for an hourly fee is most people who hire you by the hour want to save money. They really do not want to pay value for your services now or in the future. We have all seen those Craigslist ads that say ” This should only take an hour” and I have $25.00 to pay someone to fix my issue. Really, you are looking for an expert and you are telling them to want you to want to pay. The reality is you are lowballing and as a result you will probably not get the quality of assistance that you are looking for.

I set a price when I do a short-term job or a large project. The reasons I do are as follows:

  1. I am an expert in my field.
  2. The price is fair to my level of experience.
  3. I am more up to date in my field than most people.
  4. I pay for tools and resources that are never factored into an hourly rate.
  5. My experience and expertise are worth a lot.
  6. The kind of client I want to attract gets paying fair value for my work and on a project by project basis.
  7. As a self-employed individual, I have to factor all my costs in which include everything from the Internet to a place to work.

As a result, I do not charge by the hour but I charge for a result. That might be to design a new website, aPPCc campaign or even running a social media page for your business. The real result you are paying for is to increase the quality leads that your business obtains. Without good quality leads what is the real point of doing all of these marketing techniques? None really.

This is why I charge for creating the result that the client wants and needs.

Next time you try and hire on the cheap you need to think about is this the person who will give you the result that you really want? I would suspect they will not be in most cases but this is up for you to decide.

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