Many people often ask the question on why we should blog. At we believe blogging for your business is one of those tasks you must do. A lot of people say why is that not a waste of time or I have enough to do besides blogging. Personally we feel this is not being smart and is bad business planning.

Let us explain. The world has changed! We are now living in an online world. Google which finds your business is the modern electronic version of the yellow pages. SEO and paid PPC ads are all part of the mix now driving traffic to your business. The premises is still the same the methods have now changed.

Where does blogging fit into this mix you ask? In 2 real big ways. It changes/updates the content on your website and it shows people you are expert in your field. Let us now take the time and examine these two ways in detail.

The first reason blogging matters is it changes and updates the content on your website. One of the things that Google looks for is regular updated changing content. This is a factor in SEO. It has been proven that those who blog consitantly on a regular basis improve their SEO rankings.

The second reason that changing and updating the content on your website matters is it gives the reader a reason to come back to your website. People stop going to websites that stay the same and do not change. This is one of the reasons that media websites are visted consitantly on a regular basis. There content is constantly changing,

The second reason for blogging is it shows that you are an expert in your field. In today’s world, prospective clients go to the Internet to check out individuals and companies before they hire or do business with them. I often will read a companies website and their blog to find out if they really know what they are talking about before I spend the money to hire them. Keep this in mind when you consider not blogging.

Today we have talked about two really important reasons to blog. The first is changing/updating the content on your website. The second is to show you are an expert in your field. Do you blog? Please share a comment in the box below with your thoughts.