At we are all in with 2 companies. They have products that we use day in and day out. These two companies are Microsoft and Google. Many people say why are you all in – the answer is very simply integration.

Let’s start with Microsoft. Our laptops are Windows 10 based and we use Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription service for the Office software. It also includes 1TB of One Drive Space and 60 minutes of Skype Calling. We actually use One Drive to store all our business files for on. Office 365 home edition comes with 5 licenses for only $109 Canadian per year. This is a great deal.

Up until a year ago we used Evernote as our note taking package. Microsoft released a conversion utility that allowed you to take Evernote data and import it into Microsoft One Note. One Note is now cloud based where it stores your data files on your One Drive account which makes them accessible from any device that you have One Note software on. This now makes One Note even better.

Google is the other company we are all in. At we use Gsuite for our email. This is our best practive. Gmail has the best spam filters of any email provider. Gsuite is the corporate version that allows Google to host your corporate email. It also comes with a 1TB Google Drive account. For 10 Canadian a monthw for one account this is well worth it.

Other Google Services we use includle Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Docs and more. We use Google Docs a lot when we share documents for clients. It makes it easy as they can call the documents up on any spreadsheet.

We also have Android phones as these make using Google services much easier. It makes sense as we work a lot in a google world.

Google and Microsoft are two big online powerhouses. They thrive because of integration. Look at what works for your business and is cost/productivity efficent. Share a comment in the box below with your thoughts and what you use.