Video today matters more than ever. Many people do not understand the power of video. Let’s take a moment and look at video and why it works.

The 2nd biggest searched website on the Internet is YouTube. That should tell you a lot right there. YouTube is the video site which Google owns. The only site that generate more searches than YouTube is Google itself.

Video can be very engaging if done right. Let’s take a look at Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball does a game of the week on Facebook. The announcers take social media questions and engage with the audience. It is not a typical mainstream broadcast. The audience gets more out of it than watching the game on TV because they engage and feel part of the broadcast. This is a great way to watch a baseball game.

I have been involved in Livestreaming for a long time with my good friend Scott Mills of Toronto Police. We used to do BMX events every spring and every time Drew Bezanson took the course the number of people watching the feed skyrocketed. For those of you who do not know, Drew is Canada’s top BMX rider.

We have brodcast the Ontario Police Memorial every year via a livestream feed. The number of people that have watched the ceremony and engaged with us has been increadible.

Video also really works well for “How Toos”. Many years ago, my son Stephen learned how to string a lacrosse stick by watching a video on how to do it. It was a great experience for him and he learned a new skill.

Many people are now using Facebook live and uploading videos directly to Facebook. Why you might ask? Facebook ranks videos higher as they tend to be more engaging. They do work and many more companies and individuals are using Facebook to get there message out.

Think about using Video. You need to add it in your toolbox today to help engage more.