Many people ask Why ord They Use WordPress for their website? Many end users think WordPress is just a blogging platform. Let us address these two questions and many more in this post. WordPress is a full-fledged CMS(Content Management System). It can be used to develop any website

Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet. As of the latest statistics, it accounts for over 30% of all website installs on the Internet. There are over 60,000 plugins available for WordPress which are little programs that provide functionality to the base CMS. This gives WordPress users many options and functionality to develop their websites with.

WordPress is portable from one web host to another web host. This gives the website owner piece of mind that if a hosting issue occurs the website can be moved to a new web host. The problem with using a proprietary content management system is that you can not change the web host. If the hosting becomes an issue then you are stuck with bad hosting.

There is a large support community for WordPress users. It includes everything from Facebook groups, forums, websites, podcasts, books, courses, WordCamps and more. This is the beauty of having a large install base. There is a large support base. This is really important.

In our opinion, WordPress is easy for the end user to make simple updates. This is really important because you should not have to pay your web developer to make simple changes. The end user should be able to make simple changes. With WordPress, they can.

Since WordPress is widely used if you decide to hire a WordPress designer/developer there are lots of them to chose from. There are many agencies that do all their development in WordPress.

One other thing that makes WordPress attractive is it is a robust blogging platform. Google loves changing content and by blogging you can change and update the content on your website easily. WordPress provides an easy way to maintain a blog. Even the WIX CMS uses WordPress for its blog. Ironic is it not.

WordPress is SEO friendly and this is really important. Search Engine Optimization is one of the ways you are found on the Internet. WordPress follows all current standards and has many plugins that help you manage your SEO.

These are all amazing reasons to use WordPress for your next website. Think about using WordPress and you will not be disappointed.