Mindset in business is everything. You might ask why? Does it not matter the good or services that I sell? Sure it does but if your brain is not functioning then you can not do well in your business.

Our CEO; Rob Cairns; has a saying “Life is 90% mindset and 10% execution”. This is so true. The brain has to be in the game.

The problem is most people take care of their pysical well being but not their mental one. If they injur an arm they go have an xray to find out the issue. If their brain is not doing well, they will say I am having a bad day instead of going to see a professional to help deal with it. This is the biggest mistake that people make and one reason mental health is such an issue. Your brain is the most important body organ and should be kept in good health. You need to take care of it the same way you would take care of an arm or a limb.

Many people ask “How do I develop a good mindset?” . There are many ways which we can talk about here. The first we already discussed and that is to go see a professional when you need to. Your brain needs to be taken care of the same way as the rest of your body. Consider it an investment in you.

The second is to spend time with likeminded people in your personal life and your business life. This will help your mindset in a big way. First you will have lots in common. Second you will not drag each other down. Likeminded people will support each other which is really important and helps in a big way.

The third way is to get rid of negative people in your life. If people around you are negative all the time, then you will become negative as well. This is not a good thing at all. It is ok to be critical and then to come up with an action plan. It is not ok to be negative all the time for the sake of being negative.

The Fourth thing to consider is your personal relationship. Personal relations impact how you do in the business world because they are always in the back of your mind. If your personal relationship is not going well then it will impact your work life. There is no question about this.

Thing about it. Protect your brain the your mindset will get better. Try it and try and be more postive. The glass is half empty and half full mean the same thing. Our CEO Rob Cairns prefers the glass is half full – it is better for the brain. Think about it and try it sometime. You will be glad you did!