Why I Would Never Buy a Lenovo

Why I Would Never Buy a Lenovo


In 2014 the number one Pc manufacturer in the world was Lenovo according to Gartner. This really concerns me and should concern you the buying public.  Lenovo has had several major privacy breeches that should make them a NEVER buy again.

In February 2015 Lenovo was involved in the Superfish scandal which bundled malware on their computers. In Aug 2015 they were again caught, this time with a firmware application that sends data to Lenvo’s servers.

These two issues along with the fact that Lenovo is a Chinese based company should concern anyone in the democratic free world.

One issue is one thing but to have two major security issues in months in irresponsible and makes Lenovo a company which I can not support. The fact they are Chinese owned even adds to the lack of trust level.

Security is a major issue. The fact that Lenovo disregards security means I can not recommend them to my clients or friends. We need to protect our security not continue to compromise it One of the best ways is to not buy Lenovo.

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