The average person has not figured out that Twitter is not a brodcast medium. It is all about engaging with other. Most people just push their content on other and they can not figure out why they are ignored. If this is your tactic stop it now!

Our CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas has almost 20,000 twitter followers. These were not followers that were bought but those who chose to follow Rob because he posts engaging content. The key is to engage with people not to broadcast at them. If people wanted to watch broadcasting, they would go watch and listen to traditional mediums like TV and Radio.

The question many people ask is how do I engage with people? Believe it or not, the answer is not that difficult. Let us examine many ways that you can engage with your audience.

  1. Say Hello. Start a conversation by saying hello to someone and get to know them. Start by saying where you discovered them and what you like about their profile.
  2. Share someone else’s content. At we belive that 90% of the content shared on our Twitter feed should never be directly associated with our business.
  3. If you like something that someone else has shared, do a retweet(RT) and say why you liked that piece of content.
  4. Take the time to acknowledge important events in your followers life.
  5. Take the time to say hello and chat with people who have followed you for a long time. Do not lose touch with people.
  6. If you like something on someone’s website or podcast – tweet at them about it.
  7. If someone posts a question and you have a solution, take the time and help them.
  8. Use Twitter to build relationships.
  9. If someone shares something of value with you, make sure you say thank you.
  10. Use the correct hashtags in your tweets.
  11. Get involved in Twitter chats. They are a great way to engage, get to know people and give back to the community.
  12. Last and certainly not least – Be Real!

If you follow these 12 rules then your Twitter experience will be much better and more engaging. How do you engage on Twitter? Please share a comment in the comment box below with your thoughts.