Nike, Upper Deck, Tayor Made and Bridgestone Golf. These are all companies that have grown due to marketing in the last while. Especially in the last month. Why is that – They are all sponsors of Tiger Woods and recently he won his first PGA tournament in 5 years.

This is an amazing story. Wood’s sponsors increase their revenue every time he does well. The PGA tour increases their revenue every time Woods wins. If you saw Tiger Woods on the 18th green the atmosphere was electric. All the fans wanted was a Woods win so bad. A Woods win starts a financial juggernaut that wins.

|This is why Tiger Woods makes way more from sponsors then he ever makes on the PGA tour in tournament winnings. Think about it. Can you see the iconic picture of Tiger Woods wearing a red Nike polo leading a tournament on Sunday? Anyone who has watched golf in the last 15 years can draw this picture. Every time this happens the executive at Nike smiles all the way to the bank!

This is why corporations pay start athletes millions to market and use their products. It all has to do with star power and what works with the buying public. We all what to be like our heroes and this includes wearing and using the same things they do. Think about it.

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