The loaded question of the day is what type of content should I post? This question gets asked over and over again. People are continually looking for an edge to drive traffic to their websites.

The answer is a not a simple one. It depends! A lot depends on what your target market is expecting and how they expect to receive it. Remember the people viewing your content should drive what you do not you the marketer.

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Let us take a look and examine this for a bit. One of the things the team at knows is video has a higher engagement rate than posts on social media without video. Video has been all the rage for over a year now. Now the question is what type of video works well? Well, one thing we have been experimenting with is short 2 minute Daily Marketing and Business tips using Facebook Live. These are easy to do as they are live and unedited.

Our engagement rate has gone way up using Facebook live as a tool versus recorded edited video done in advance,  One reason for this is Facebook places a higher emphasis on Facebook Live in people’s timeline. They encourage you to do it. It even outranks recorded videos.

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Another type of content that works well is one with photos in it. The world is a visual place and we all like to see photos. This could include blog posts, newsletters and even social media posts.  It makes reading the text even easier to read when you use pictures alongside it. Google loves pictures from an SEO perspective as well.

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The third type of content is audio content. This area has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. This content can include a soundbite or even be a full podcast. Our CEO; Rob Cairns; is a podcast junkie and loves to listen to audio content on his smartphone. He can listen and learn from a podcast while doing his morning walk or commuting around town. The podcast market has taken off in a big way and it drives a lot of engagement. Think about it as many people love amazing podcasts.

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The fourth type of content is text only. This type of content drives the least amount of engagement typically in most areas. This type of content is very prevalent on some social media networks like Twitter. Certain social media networks like Facebook favour the other types of content more over text only.

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Which type of content should you use? Your community should drive the type of content that you use more. Experiment and try different types. Mix and match the types of content and see what works for you. Share a comment in the box below on which type of content works for you!