Two years ago Kelli and I said goodbye to our traditional phone line. It was the start of something. Today we have made even more changes to make our lives more mobile and easier.

As of last week we have gotten rid of our digital line(Voip) line. We no longer need it. It is tied to one location and this does not help Kelli and I work in a more mobile world. It just does not work.

We both have Rogers Cell Phones. This is a big help. Rogers also has a feature called Rogers One Number which allows to to make and receive calls via the internet on your computer or laptop. I use Rogers One Number a lot when I am working at home so I can talk hands free with a headset.

For long distance to the US we are using Skype out. Skype now provides a dial in number that I can use from my cell phone for no additional cost. All you need to do is to validate your phone with Skype which is done by texting you an authorization code. Really simple when you think about it. The cost of unlimited Canada/US long distance a month is $2.99 Canadian. Really cheap and affordable.

Two great cell phone plans and a Skype account is what we use now. It has made our life much more mobile and easier to manage.