One of the biggest impacts on small businesses is the people business owners surround yourself with. These type of people impact the business indirectly. Let the Team at explain why.

There is an old saying in life. You tend to become the company that you keep. This is so true it is not funny. The people you do hang around tend to impact how you feel, why you feel certain ways and how you problem size certain situations.

This is why many companies have retreats and company events where employees go out and have fun together. Then they all come back to work feeling good about the company and the people they are with. This directly impacts the productivity that they have at work in a positive way.

If you work with a bunch of negative people on the job, your attitude will become more negative than usual. Negativity breeds more negativity and this directly impacts the people you work with.

The same holds true if the work environment is more high energy and people are more positive. This makes the work environment more fun and more productive.

The key is to be careful with the people you hang around and the company that you keep. Both in your professional life as well as your personal life. Our CEO; Robert Cairns; has spent a lot of time cleaning negative people out of his life with a major negative influence. This has made his life a much better place to live and work with.

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