The move back to MailChimp was an easy decision and a time-consuming effort. The Team at completed this move on the weekend and things are going well. We even managed to get our newsletter out on Sunday night!

Let us give you some history on why the move, what happened and how we did it. You can apply these principals to moving from any piece of mailing list management software to another. Some things will change but the basics and principals all stay the same.

About 8 months ago we decided to try and up and coming service called Send In Blue.  We really liked the service. It was easy to use, easy to design emails and was priced competively. It all sounds good? Not so fast.

After a year we realized there were 2 big things that were lacking with the product, The first was Send in Blue did not allow us to apply tags to certain email addresses. This was a big handicap as tags are very handy in segmenting our list. The second thing we were missing is all the integrations with our products that Mailchimp has. As we continue to move our business forward, this was becoming more and more of an issue.

A few weeks ago, our team decided it was time to make the move. We knew there would be several things that we would have to look at. They included moving our lists, changing our forms, cleaning the list, testing and more. It sounds like a big job but when you organize it, it was not so bad. It was just time intensive.

Our team decided the best time to do the move was on a Sunday as this was the time period that we had the lowest traffic on our website. A big thank you to Google Analytics for displaying the numbers!

This past Sunday we did the move. We had all our photos handy and organized that we uploaded to Send In Blue for all the emails we have sent out. We took the two email lists we had on Send in Blue and exported them to a CSV file. These were downloaded locally for future use.

We then created one lists on Mailchimp. Once this list was created we imported both the Send In Blue lists. At this time, we applied tags to segments of the list. This makes segmentation easier.

We then started to create our first newsletters and at this time uploaded all our graphics that we use. The two newsletter were then scheduled to be sent out last night.

The entire key with doing a move like this is to do it step by step. It makes life much easier in the long run. We are much better off in the long run with the move back to MailChimp.