1. respect

Respect in business is a lost art. And we wonder why businesses are suffering these days. People need to be treated with respect. And these owners wonder why their businesses fail.

I have had it all happen. Lately I was corresponding with a potential client about doing some work for them. The communication stopped out of no where. No reason, no email, no phone call, no nothing. It just stopped. Talk about a lack of respect. A simple note to say we are not interested would have worked very nicely.

Things you can do to help show respect:

  1. Put yourself in the other persons shows and treat them the way to want to be treated.
  2. Communicate efficiently and effectively.
  3. Become a good listener.
  4. Do not jump to conclusions – ask.
  5. Stay out the rumor mill

If you do these things, the respect factor will go way up.