The Facebook Data Mining Issue – Why Facebook Did Nothing Wrong

The Facebook Data Mining Issue – Why Facebook Did Nothing Wrong

I know before we even write this, we at StunningDigitalMarketing are going to take some heat for our view point. Our viewpoint is Facebook actually did nothing wrong. Let’s take the time to examine what happened and what is the cause of this issue.

The reality is every user who joined Facebook agreeded to a TOS (Terms of Service Agreement) that allows Facebook to use your data in anyway they decide too. That phraze is compelling because you would not have been allowed to sign up for a Facebook account without agreeing to the TOS.

It is not Facebook’s issue you just clicked forward and agreed to the TOS without reading it. If you really disagreed with the TOS, you as an end user did not have to join Facebook. The end users – and there are over 1 billion of them all gave up there data to play. It is that simple.

When you join a store loyality program the program collects your marketing data. They know everything about you, what you buy and how frequent you buy. In exchange for your data you receive discounts, coupons and even free product. The service is not free, it is now cost. The cost to play is your marketing data. This is no diffrent then Facebook.

Remember folks privacy starts with you. If you don’t want to share some information do not. If you do not want to be on a social media service because it compromises your privacy, do not use it. The choice is yours. Take some responsibilty and stop blaming others. If you do not understand something or do not like something – do not agree to it!

In conclusion, the choice is yours. We do not see a major decline in Facebook’s data mining scandal so regardless of what comes out of it, the users are still using Facebook. That is the telling story. Facebook will keep increasing their profits and not much will change.

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