Talking a Break

Talking a Break

The last few months has been personally challenging for me. There are a large number of factors which include in no particular order: My business, Kelli’s health, community projects, family issues, friends issues and over all lifestyle. IN it all I cut back my time blogging and on social media dramatically.

Did I need the break? Of course I did. I was burned out, tired and even mentally exhausted. I was having a tough time doing even some of the things that I love and that is not a good thing. I have been concerned about Kelli and my over all family. I needed the break for sanity reasons and to regroup my thoughts. I also need it to make sure I had some balance in my life.

One of the things I did during the break is start going to bed at a more decent time. The only issue with is is getting my sleep more regulated. I tend to wake up several time during the night but this is getting better.

One thing I have done to help my lifestyle is I have cut way back on the pop I was drinking. I still drink some but I have actually switched to drinking a lot of water. I am up to almost 5 liters a day. That is a good thing. It was as simple as finding two water bottles that I really like to carry around.

In this break I started to remove myself from situations that I was not happy with. One of these was that I resigned my position as Vice Chair of Scarborough CARP. This happened at the board level to make this origination impossible to work with so I resigned. In past I would have plowed on but life is too short not to be appreciated

I have kept up the events I have done with the Police and SSEN but I have not taken on anything else. I am glad I took the break during the summer because I am now recharged for the fall. I now need to change up over time including several community projects.

I spent some time analyzing my business and figuring out which direction I need to go in long term. With this done I am now moving forward on several old projects and adding a few new ones over time,.

I put several personal and household projects on hold. They just needed to sit.

I even cut back a lot of my blogging and social media time. This probably has not helped in the short term but it was necessary for long term success. It had to be done.

The question is where does Rob Cairns go from here you might ask. Well I have a few projects which need my attention right away. These will be worked on. I have managed to work into my schedule time for me This was something that was terribly lacking and contributed to the burn out that I was feeling.

A couple of things I will be doing. Later today I will be doing the Ice Bucket challenge to contribute to ALS awareness. This matters as I have lost several friends to ALS. Watch for it as you might be the lucky one of 3 people who get called out.

I am starting a blogging challenge for myself with a couple of twists. Most people have done 30 day challenges, I have in past as well. This time starting tomorrow I will do 60 posts in 60 days. Not only that but every Wednesday will be a WordPress tip. Check it out and follow the progress on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope everyone else is well. Have a great summer and be good to yourself.

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