One thing that I have learned in the business world is all work and no fun is not a good thing. It takes it’s toll on you and the people around you.

When I worked in health care for 16 years I worked way too hard. Looking back at it I had to ask where did that get me in the long run? The answer is nowhere. I was just a comodity like any other tradeable good. No one really care about my dedication or the hard work I put in. What mamangement cared was that I was at work and the job got done. That was it.

I worked on many demanding projects. Some of them had me working 60 to 70 hours a week. Looking back at that time, I do not thing it was ever appreciated by the entire management team that I worked for. I was often the first to volunteer for Overtime, the first to chip and take an extra on call shift and often the first to want to be on the top projects. I was very good at it or I would not have worked all those hours. At the end of my time in health care I realized I was just a number and that no one really cared that I sacraficed and put in more for my job. Certainly not my family as they would have rather I would have been home more.

The best thing I can suggest is to find life/work balance. Find time to be with your family more and enjoy them. Life is way too short. No one will ever remember the hours that you worked in the long run. They will just remember all the time that you were busy and remember you work to live not live to work.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that balance but make sure you do. You will be much happier in the long run. I know i am.

Your family needs you. As I am getting older it is all the family time I remember not all the projects that I worked on or the countless hours I put in. I actually look at this as lost time that I will never get back in life. That says a lot.

I wish I had all that time back. I would have changed how I did things and why. A little extra work is good sometimes but when it becomes the norm it is not good at all. Thing long and hard on your priorities in life. Are you going to make the right decision?

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