The Kind Of Client I Want To Work With

  Today I was out today with a few colleagues and some asked me the kind of client I want to work with? I said is that a serious questions? They said it was... So it provoked some really good dialogue. I thought I would share a list of things that I look for when I find [...]

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The Danzing Community Opens Our Space

A year ago we were faced with tragedy in our community. A trageday that the city of Toronto has never seen before. 2 people dead and over 20 people injured by gunfire. Thousands of people's lives were impacted. I play that night over and over every day. The following day I was honored to do [...]

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Danzig a Year Later

As many of you know, I live at the corner of Danzing and Morningside Avenue in Scarborough. This was where the community BBQ was last summer that resulted in 2 people dead and over 20 injured. It was a night I will never forget. It was unreal. Kelli and I were not home at the [...]

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Rosie DiManno Calls The Area I Live in Scarberia

I am deeply offended by the writing of Rosie DiManno of the Toronto Star today. In todays article about Rob Ford's BBQ she called Scarborough Scarberia several times. I have no tolerance fot the lack of respect from a professional who should know better. I went to school in Scarborough while living in Markham. I [...]

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