What Happened To Respect In Business?

Today was an interesting day. I should start this off by saying a potential client wanted to meet me to discuss business. It was also up me to meet them at a mall away from where I life and work. Despite my better judgement I agreed to this meeting. I left my previous engagement at [...]

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Respect People On Social Media

Lately there is a disturbing trend of people showing a lack of respect to others on social media. People need to learn to show respect and treat others the way they wannt to be treated. The sooner people realize this, the better social media will be. I am far from prefect but I always try [...]

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How People Handle Relationships

I managed to get into an interesting Twitter discussion tonight. It had to do with driving strange enough. The person I was talking too did not like the fact I disagreed. Since I had their cell phone and this is not the first time this is happened I txted and said please let it go and if [...]

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What Is In It For Me?

Last night we had a major flood in the hall way of our apartment building. I took pictures of the flood and posted them on social media. I was sharing the experiences of my day. Someone who should have known better said in a comment why post those pictures here and what is in it [...]

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