Live Streaming The Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony Of Remembrance

I am honored to once again be involved with the Live Streaming team of the Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony of Remembrance This is an event that means so much to my family. For so many reasons.             For those of you who do not know, Laura Ellis the sister of my gf [...]

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How A Colonel Became A Killer

Cal Millar and Ian Robertson co wrote a book called How A Colonel Became A Killer. The book is about the famous Colonel Russell Williams in Ontario. He ran the famous Trenton military base but he was also a killer. This book tells the hard story of how this happened. If you would like to [...]

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Trends For Mobile

I came across this really great article on Trends in Mobile that I want to share. This great presentation talks about them. 10 Trends on Mobile from wearetable19

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