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The more and more I use Google Plus, the more I like it.  There are many compelling features such as Google Hangouts that work really well. Hangouts is my favorite Google Plus feature. Google Plus has a new feature that I really like. It is called Photo Stories. Photo Stories takes photos that are uploaded [...]

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Google Protects You From Hack Attempts

Google does a real good job at protecting it's users from hack attempts. Today I woke up to find the following hack alert when I logged into my gmail account. Click on the image below to make it larger and view the entire warning.   It went further which you can not see in the [...]

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Stopping Spamming Gmail Accounts From Google +

Google in their wisdom decided to allow anyone with a Google + account to email anyone who has a Gmail account without having that person's email address. What a spammer's delight and even worse this could lead to more Cyberbullying. The following video shows how to change the default settings and to help eliminate spam [...]

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Your Digital Footprint When You Die

This week has had me thinking in more ways then one. This week we lost a great friend in Wayne Hurlbert. Wayne was a member of many social media communities. He was very supportive of many people including myself. Wayne's loss is one that can never be replaced. Last night I was talking to a [...]

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