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Update On Why Free Is Not A Good Idea

I thought I would update everyone on my post on why free is not a good idea in business. Some interesting developments have happened. Two weeks ago a lawyer I was helping who was also a friend asked me for my fee scale. I emailed it to him and broke it down step by step. [...]

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Why Free Is Not A Good Idea

I have a situation I have been working on. I have a "friend" who I helped out in past but I am trying to transition out of helping for free. The reality is I am in the business of providing services which are paid for. We had a meeting early in the week and had [...]

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Freelancer Does NOT Mean Free

As a WordPress Freelancer I have seen it all. Too many times many people expect Freelancers with many years of experience to be cheap and free. It is something that you really should think about when hiring someone. Let's look into reasons why. Someone can always be hired cheaper. The question then comes will they [...]

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