Free in Marketing Terms Does Not Always Mean Free

What a loaded topic this one is. This post comes from a discussion I was having with my son today. Stephen just finished taking his second year of marketing in college in Toronto. The discussion we were having is nothing is truly free. Personally I prefer the term no cost but that term is [...]

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The Facebook Data Mining Issue – Why Facebook Did Nothing Wrong

I know before we even write this, we at StunningDigitalMarketing are going to take some heat for our view point. Our viewpoint is Facebook actually did nothing wrong. Let's take the time to examine what happened and what is the cause of this issue. [...]

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Domains + Hosting = Spreading the Risk

  Domain registration is easier today then it ever has been. So is finding a good web host. Yes they are everywhere and many are price competitive. The issue is reliability and service from the web host. As a small business owner I strongly believe in spreading the business risk. As a result of this [...]

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Two Good Examples Of Why Free Does Not Work

I am in business to create web sites, secure computers and I even do the odd piece of hardware still. This is my corsse business. I constanly have people asking me to look and fix their computers, secure their Internet connections or give advice. Unless it is an organization that I am directly involved with, [...]

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