Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a potential client who I will call John. We are talking about Website security when John smiled and beamed. He then proceeded to tell me that he was secure. Google Chrome told him that his site was secure he had nothing to worry about.

I then had to burst his bubble. I informed him that what he had was an SSL certificate on his website and that meant the website was encrypted. This is all it meant. This did not mean the site was secure or not. Let’s examine this so we understand why.

Secure Website

If you look at the above picture you will see the words secure circled in red. These words could not be any further from the truth. Thanks to Google we are now miseducating people. The word “Encrypted” would have been a better word to use. What we have here is an SSL-encrypted website, not necessarily a secure website.

Let us examine what is happening here.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL  certificate stands for Secured Sockets Layer. In human terms, this means your traffic is encrypted from point A (your computer/Device) to Point B (the website). This is ALL it means.

For a more detailed description of SSL, please click here.

What Does It Take To Secure a Website?

There is so much more to securing a website besides having an SSL certificate. This includes the following ways:

  1. Having a reliable web host.
  2. Using strong passwords on all accounts for the website.
  3. Keeping your Website software up to date.
  4. Taking regular backups of your entire website. Do not depend on your web host.
  5. Have a security professional on your team.

What Do We Do?

At StunningDigitalMarketing.com we work with our clients to secure their website.We even do periodic restores of backed up websites to make sure they can be restored. Remember your last backup is only as good as the ability to restore that backup.

Our team is up to date on WordPress security issues. We know what is running around in the wild so we can help you the client.

We also work with you to setup a backup strategy that meets your needs and fully protects the website you own.

I know many of you say you know how to do all of this. Our experiences at StunningDigitalmarketing.com is most small business owners do not have the time or experience to effectively protect their website.

Working with our team can help save you money and protect your reputation in the long run. Why hire just anyone? You need to hire someone that lives and breathes website security. This is what separates the team at StunningDigitalMarketing.com from the rest!

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