This past week I had a rather interesseting inquiry that played out not in a good way. I wanted to share it so other business owners could protect themselves from sitaution like I dealt with.

I received an inquiry via the contact form on my website earlier in the week, It seemed like a resonable inquiry. As I normally do, i put togeather a quote for the potential client. I also included a list of next steps to continue with web site the prospective client wanted built. Two of the steps were $1200.00 up front and a signed contract. This did not seem to be an issue.

I then received an email asking if I would take the orginal payment on a credit card. I have a Square account so this is not an issue. At this point still no red flags.

The next email is where the fun started. I received an email saying he had a consultant who had all the content ready and he needed to be paid. The consultant had no way of opening up an account which accepted credit cards and he wanted to send me the money on top of the $1200 I needed to pay the consultant. He would also give me an additional $100 for dealing with this for him.

Red flags went off. This is one of the oldest scams in the book. People will use a stolen credit card, get someone else to deal with it and send the money to the person as requested. Then when the card is reported stolen or confimed stolen you will be out the money plus the money you were sent. What a scam. I reognized this a mile away and then ended all discussion immediatly.

It is sad that these types of scams still exist. That is because people fall for them. I will never take a payment for someone else. It is just against all policies of my business.

Please be careful of scams like this one. If the scam is too good to be true then it probably is. Think and react the right way!