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Thank you everybody for joining us at this week’s SDM interview show. Before we get to this week’s episode, I wanted to remind you all that if anybody wants to join us or know somebody picked a great guest as we interview entrepreneurs around the internet, please email us at Hello at studying digital marketing.com

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We’d be glad to get back here and see if we could fit and arrange an interview. Now on to this week’s episode. In this week’s episode I interview my good friend Jake foresight. Jake is a young man who should be a great example to all the youth today. He gives us time selfishly to his community and cares about what he does. So sit back and relax and enjoy this interview with Jake.

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Good day everybody. I’m here with my friend Mr. Jake Forsyth, who is a bit of a community involved person. And then we thought I’d chat with you all little bit about why communities matter and what you can bring to the table to help your community Hi, Jake, how are you today? I’m good, how you doing? Not too bad. So you and I have known each other. I guess for a long time now I lost track which is scary. We both lived in the same

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Basic neighborhood for a long time, we both have collaborated on several events together and two different projects over the years. Um, could you tell our listeners a bit about your background and what you do?

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Yeah, so um, I volunteer with a scouts Canada. I am currently the council Commissioner, as well as volunteering in the community with a couple of different organizations. The one organization that I volunteer with for a really long time since I was in grade eight is essentially no community where community safe recreation Association, as well as some local events like putting Winter Festival I’m the chair of and putting union waterfront festival but I help with logistics with that. Yeah, it’s and as you know, those events and having been to both of them having lived in that or under

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fringes action end. They take a walk to set up the waterfront festival is a really good event. Port union. Winter fest is usually towards the end of January, correct? Yes. It’s always the last Saturday of January from 11am to 3pm. Yeah. And that event draws really well. So let me ask question, how did you You said you, you started volunteering with the community organizers and back from Greg, how did you first get involved with that?

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I, they produce a monthly newsletter. And I saw in the newsletter that they’re looking for committee members. And I went out to one of the meetings and really liked what they were doing, asked how I can get involved and I’ve been involved now for almost 11 years. Yeah. And that’s

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And that’s pretty, pretty good at me know other people get involved in groups in the last year or two. And they they kind of move on and find something else to do. Sometimes they move and that’s part of it. But sometimes as you know, in community groups, the politics can get interesting at times can

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all the text gets interesting, right? Yeah, yeah, for sure. Like, luckily, with my experience,

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everybody that’s on the committee is there for the same reason. So politics on

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too much of an issue, but as everybody knows that everybody has their own opinions. And politics could become an issue, but so far, I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to do too much politics within organizations. Yes.

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brings me to my next questions and you know, I

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I’ve seen this having been, you know, growing up in the Scarborough community and Lyft there for many, many years. And we saw a lot of this coming out of Danzig shooting someone the big problems in community organizations today. I truly think organizations are well intended. But don’t they kind of operate in silos and independent of each other? And maybe it was some more collaboration at the higher levels, maybe things would be better in the communities. What do you think about that? Yeah, so some community organizations and events kind of have in the past operate in silos, where they do their thing too good doing their thing, and they don’t want to branch out and include other people. Luckily, in our community, the last couple years, we’ve been

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broadening our community organizations to work with each other and to support each other. So you’ll see the different community

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associations, each other’s events, supporting events, as well as helping publicize and promote the events.

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Yeah, and I think that’s really important. I mean, I think part of the problem is one of the reasons in many communities, organizations work in silos, it has to do with funding. So if organization is doing the same as organization be, if you’re after government funding grants, sometimes it’s, you know, frankly, harder when they realize the it was certainly community better to get more partnerships and things like that, and then just kind of, you know, help each other out and everybody would be better served if you know what I mean.

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Yeah, exactly.

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And, like, the more that the community associations are wanting to work with each other and support each other events, it also helps out each other because then

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Association V is getting

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noticed in the community for helping Association a and then one Association be does do event Association A goes to that event or helps promote it. So there’s kind of that cross promotion and

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life support. Yeah, man, there’s things going on on the community, like some community associations, botto on each other. So something’s happening. We often look to the other Association for support. So if you have to go to city council, we, we have like minded reports and request a city council and restate that this is how was it answers from Association ABC and D feel.

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Yeah, I would agree with that. It makes it it makes it a lot easier.

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One of the things you and I talk a lot about offline, knowing each other’s was we do is your involvement with scouts Canada, and how did you first get involved with God’s kingdom. I started with scouts my parents put me in into the program at five as a beaver. And I worked my way up to beavers and cubs received my $6 and seven awards and cubs, and then went up to scout and got my chief scout award and then went up to ventures and got my queens venture

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award word as and became the area youth Commissioner.

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And then from there, I joined Volvo’s and then join on the council team plant doing the events, public events,

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marketing, communications and training and then stayed with there for a couple of years and then just recently about

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just over a year ago, I was appointed as the council Commissioner. Yeah. Which is a lot of work. And one of the things you just touched on, it’s interesting. You mentioned six stars. And I think you and I had this conversation about a month ago, but correct me if I’m wrong. In my day, since I’m a little older than you. There was only five stars. And now I think you said they were talking about doing with the Star Program altogether, apparently.

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Yeah. So a couple years ago, scouts Canada, we did the

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it’s now like outdoor adventure skills. And

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it’s a poll question so you can look you could progress from below ism still be working on the same set of skills to cubs. So you start at level one and you can work your way up the levels doesn’t matter.

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Well, you come into the program,

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which is pretty cool, because if you come into the program at 13, you’ll be in scouts. But but you can start you can start at level one and work your way through so that way, it’s it’s a pretty cool program in the sense that

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if you missed to two years or whatever, you could stop where your levels are not where we think you should be yet, which isn’t a bad idea. One of the things

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I think a lot of people get in the scouts for and I, I’d be the first to say that is, it sort of intensifies or helps your love for the outdoors. I mean, one of the things I always liked was the camping, the outdoor hiking trips, the canoeing trips.

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If it weren’t for scouting and Cub Scouts, I don’t know if I ever would have come to that, and I’m a pretty good controller that I can do.

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I don’t know

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I think more kids need to get into that to get that because they’re not getting that in the schools anymore. And they’re certainly not getting it at home. And I think it’s becoming more and more an issue as we have. That’s why I describe it as an international flavor to our country, if you know what I mean.

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Yeah, for sure. There’s definitely a lot of good programs like Personally,

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I got to go and do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I wasn’t in scouting. Like I got to go to France with scouts, Pennsylvania scouts, Calgary, Alberta,

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Nova Scotia, new for land, with scouts. And if I was in scouts, I wouldn’t have had those opportunities to go. Yeah, I know. You know, it’s funny, I think back to my days in scouting, and I was in one of the first fever groups ever in Quebec in the Montreal area, so be vs.

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comparison the scouting movement be versus pretty newer. And most people don’t realize that’s about 40 about 45 years old give or take a little bit. Um, the, the one of the biggest honors I had was, I had I had the I like the grand Holland cubs at a major camp. And that was a for for a six or back then that was that was quite a big deal. So that’s awesome. Yeah, I did it twice. And I was just floored that I was asked to do it. One was a, an area camp one was a regional campaign.

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I just, I just think about, you know, what I learned and what I did, and it’s not, to me, it’s not about the number of badges you get or the number of stars you get. I’ve seen kids struggle and to get a badge and to me that’s, that means more than I use that goes out and he

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He, you know, it’s easy for if you know what I mean, sometimes it’s more of an achievement, right?

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Yeah, for sure.

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How was scouting changed? And I gonna go here and if you really don’t want to you can ask the changing of with females being allowed into men’s groups. I know there’s some of that going on. Then with the whole LGBT issues and all of that, how has that impacted scouting and and how you run your programs?

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I’m, quite quite honestly, it hasn’t really impacted programming. scouts Canada has been open to females since either 98 or 99. Yeah. So we’ve been

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we’ve been open to females joining our program since then.

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And we have like just as many females in our programs as we do

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Guys so

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so it’s it’s not really a huge

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deal for us because it’s something that, like, I’ve started scouting and there was goes to my view of a group, right so it’s just always been known for people like me. So it’s funny you mentioned that I ran as as many people listen well no, I ran a house it up in Markham for lacrosse for many, many years for 15. And we had coed lacrosse we didn’t have in our organization, we didn’t have female male programs we have we had coed,

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the complexity becomes if you have females you have to have a female leader. Usually. I mean, that’s part of the complexity I would think. And the other things like at Camp sleeping conditions, things I

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who goes with you to the bathroom

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Things like that when you say that’s more the issue, just the logistics behind the scene and the actual program itself.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
Yeah, so

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in a way logistics, logistics had to change. But I’m like if you go camping and you’re using a cabin,

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most of the cabins have separate sleeping areas, separate washrooms. So, and then we do have quite a lot of female scouts.

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they’ll be, it’s not really a huge concern or issue that we have female youth members.

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It says so something to be aware of, and there’s always there’s always the parent or the family that says, Why, why are they in and the reality is they want the same experiences as as the

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Guys, that’s part of the issue.

Unknown Speaker 16:03
In terms of

Unknown Speaker 16:06
the program, how,

Unknown Speaker 16:09
how has the program changed besides to evolving the changing of the program? Is the outdoor cider program changed? Or is it updated for technology? Or, or how has that impacted discussion?

Unknown Speaker 16:23
Um, I would say

Unknown Speaker 16:28
like we are have adopted our program to using more technology we’re doing a lot of

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stuff on scientific stem so science technology, engineering and math.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
Just the other week at my comm meeting we did a Lego robots. Yes, that’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
Which was a huge hit with all the kids.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
Were starting to

Unknown Speaker 16:54
a lot of groups are starting to do geocaching. Yep. Which instead of like a

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Modern compass a map the morning geocaching book. Some groups do do teach

Unknown Speaker 17:07
like every day cop compass a map skills. Yeah. So I and correct me if I’m wrong you are not still a computer badge in the programmers that

Unknown Speaker 17:19
I’m you’re you’re starting right? Yes

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So I think I think the key is she just kind of kind of adapted program for the youth of today but I still think more youth need to think about getting into an organization like scouts can rather because frankly they need to get away from the computers that need to get away. You know ironically as we do a podcast they say that and they need to get away from all this technology and they need to get out and think and then you look at some things that have gone on for years and in scouting the camps. The other thing that comes to mind is cup cars are are still existence and the

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program and the big deal of making our own cup car which is a skill that’s gone on for years and years and years. And, and the big deal a cup car rallies in the malls and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
That’s still a skill that’s probably been in the program within cup cars has been in the program for over 50 years, I would think.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
Yeah, cause this is a huge thing. Like my group, we spend like two or three weeks working on them and then 100 kids come out to raise the CO cause that they made out of a block of wood

Unknown Speaker 18:34
by cutting it shaping into a car, designing it and then racing it down a wooden track, you still get tickets at try and sneak a weight into the flag.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Or is we we have

Unknown Speaker 18:50
regulations and rules. So the

Unknown Speaker 18:54
one of the world’s is is a maximum rate. So when before you base your colleagues

Unknown Speaker 19:00
gets made. So, you know, we used to it was funny in the days I did cup cars we used to sit hours on this scale even back 40 years ago there were rules. And we’d be like, how close can I get it to the maximum way did not be over?

Unknown Speaker 19:16
And I can remember as a kid growing up we are competition three guys, you know, shaving inches after a car at the last minute to make to make weight.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
Because every scale slightly different, but i think i think that’s kind of one of the highlights. And then of course, the other big highlight is it’s camps for people in summer camps, and winter camps. I think. I think winter camps teach a whole new pile of skills that most kids if they didn’t go to winter camp wouldn’t learn when you say

Unknown Speaker 19:49
yeah, for sure. You definitely learn a lot of skills at camps and obviously, depending on what season you go camping would depend on the skills that you learn

Unknown Speaker 20:00
But um, there’s a lot of great summer camp opportunities, like scouts Canada themselves, one for summer camps opportunities in Ontario alone.

Unknown Speaker 20:13
And in groups

Unknown Speaker 20:17
if I might choose to do the own summer programming and summer camps outside of our summer camp properties that we operate, so it’s definitely a huge

Unknown Speaker 20:31
draw for kids to do summer camps and it’s a lot of fun. So that’s a great it’s a great opportunity. I mean, I, as I say I can do is just thinking we’re talking about skills that camps and I can remember, outside of Montreal, the scouts, you started a camp called Camp Anderson. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s a well known camp but not scenario. And they

Unknown Speaker 20:57
they took up camp, and I can remember one year on

Unknown Speaker 21:00
day two, so they do a Friday, Saturday, Sunday typically, and our kitchen staff decided to stage a mock strike. So they walked out of the kitchen all day. So that left the poor cops to fend for themselves with the leaders in the kitchen and make all the food for for the weekend that, you know, a you look at your back end it was funny at the time and the opportunity of learning how to, to cook to cook. I mean, there’s a skill that a lot of kids don’t get anymore and it’s just, you know, things like that that are so important or, or first date or learning how to survive in the winter or any of that stuff right? It’s pretty it’s pretty important. What’s your favorite part about camp chick?

Unknown Speaker 21:46

Unknown Speaker 21:50
That’s a really hard question because I enjoy I like the whole aspect of camps like being away and like the woods camping. How

Unknown Speaker 22:01

Unknown Speaker 22:04
kayaking it’s it’s all great. I mean it’s funny though you can always see the camp the young first year cub that’s never been away for camp because mom and dad pack everything right and it’s like yeah

Unknown Speaker 22:19
it’s like why

Unknown Speaker 22:22
if you know what I mean like you go on a hiking trip and poor John’s got way too much weight in this backpack are way too much in this camp stuff and that’s like, why, you know, they’re gonna, they’re gonna wear the same stuff for two days, whether you like it or not, and they’ve been it is the same thing for today. Right?

Unknown Speaker 22:40
And they’re not going to sleep for two days. And that’s just the way it is kind of thing, isn’t it?

Unknown Speaker 22:49
So, in the, in the Scoble area is your stuff, Scoble, and trust Toronto and ganda stuff you’d like to see in community groups happen more

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Unless that isn’t happening right now,

Unknown Speaker 23:04
um, what one of the things that would be nice to

Unknown Speaker 23:09
see groups and like Toronto do more frequently is like collaborating and working with each other.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
A lot of community associations are there for

Unknown Speaker 23:21
the same reason I want the same outcome. So let’s like get together and work together or some community bands. Instead of doing five small events on the same street at different times, let’s get together and hold one or two big events.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
I would agree and I think one of the things that can facilitate that is if our elected officials especially at the Council I’ve on I know, in your area, you’ve got a new council who’s absolutely wonderful, which is good. If they would facilitate some of this and say, Okay, let’s start a question.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Wearing house, kind of to the counselors Office of all the community groups and let’s get them talking and use a counselor or their staff to get these groups talking together. What do you think about that idea? Yeah, like, I’m

Unknown Speaker 24:15
like, but I am like the couple of community groups that are together like they, they do a lot of work together, like the presidents of their associations get together once a month. So that’s been something that’s been in the works the last couple years, and it’s getting stronger, and I feel like it’s getting our community stronger.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
So it’ll be great to see like most communities get becoming.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
And then,

Unknown Speaker 24:45
and then they do things like partner with city organizations. I give you an example of that, as a good friend of mine that’s involved in a group called progress. ship, one of the seniors community groups out there, so it’s not the ones like carpenter.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Things like that. And then the community groups are gonna talk to each other, which is problem number one, but even bigger problem that we’re looking at developing some technology stuff and the friend of mines, right, technologically aware. And I said to him, so why are you guys talking to the local library? And he said, What do you mean? And they said, well, the local library already has computer programs in place for seniors. So why are you guys doing all the heavy lifting like you need to kind of work on a partnership and get you in the library working together? You wonder why working together, are you and do it as a win win thing? And then you can then you’d be better off because everybody benefits at that point, right? So yeah, for sure. And we get that a lot in my days was Carbo carp. We actually had a when I was vice chair, we had a

Unknown Speaker 25:49
working agreement with the YMCA by described with down syndrome we had a we were able to use any of the rooms and we get advanced in their facility and as a result, their membership group

Unknown Speaker 26:00
In our membership group, so, you know, there’s an example of two groups working together and and helping each other and for us, it was, you know, rental free facilities, but

Unknown Speaker 26:12
for them it was getting our members in to use their facility. So they joined and things like that. And we did a lot of special stuff that was so that kinda so

Unknown Speaker 26:22
and and I think, and I think your elected officials has to be, you know, to some degree part of some of this when you agree.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Yeah. And I think that’s what’s starting to change in your area in the last couple years is you’ve actually got a counselor who wants to be there and wants to help the community and wants to be involved in cares about what’s going on and you know, around you as you know, you that several other counselors,

Unknown Speaker 26:52
you know, who want to be involved in and care what’s going on and, and that makes a big difference to as well.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
Yeah, definitely. So anyway, thanks for joining me Jake. Thank you for having me. I appreciate the chat. What are you working on professionally these days to get away from this

Unknown Speaker 27:16
um I am in the process of starting my own business doing event planning and consulting.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
And if somebody wants to get ahold you or wants to talk to you because obviously, I know from talk to in fact, you’ve done many event planning for scouts Canada, how can they email your again

Unknown Speaker 27:38
they can email me at Jake at Jake full site.com or reach out on social media at Jake full size 17.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Chicks on Facebook, Twitter,

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Instagram, find them. You want to see cool camp pictures. They’re out there.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Somewhere, right?

Unknown Speaker 28:02
And if you want some help with event planning, He’s really good. Go to person. Thanks, everybody for listening. Have a great day. Thank you Jake and talk to y’all soon. Bye for now. Thank you.

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