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everybody Robert Cairns CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas a stunning digital marketing com digital agency to fulfill all your digital marketing,

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WordPress design and development

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and WordPress security needs. How’s everybody doing today?

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First off, I want to start this week’s STM interview show for apologizing for not having the show out on a regular basis. And for not

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being there lately. As many of you may know, a month ago, my wife Jill lost her mother.

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It’s been about a month now it’s been a bit of a rough go for both of us. And we just I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that’s reached out and text messages, emails, online on Facebook said Oh, big concerned. We We love you all for it. And we appreciate it. And thanks so much. And we miss Jill’s mom, Jane, Carol McDonald very much. And

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it will get better.

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It’s just a question of getting there.

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This week,

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I wanted to do something a little different. And make a couple quick announcements. Let’s start with the little different. First of all, this show was now moving to Mondays. It will be produced and put out by 8pm on Monday evenings, starting this week, to be a little more consistent.

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I’ve already got the next couple shows lined up. So we’re going to get back on track, which is absolutely awesome.

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jump on our website is saying digital marketing. com catch the show. And this week I’m gonna go a little different is a natural pile questions that people have asked me on the internet. Some are fun questions. Some are not so fun question. Some are business questions. Some are more personal questions. And I hope it gives you some insight. And I’ve done this before on some of the things that I do, my agency does and why we do what we do. So let’s start with the first one. What did I do before I got into digital marketing? Great question.

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Originally was a program analyst in the life insurance business, I spent five years in that business, I got out it. And then I basically work towards my love for 14 with personal computers. And my first job and my only job in personal computers was as a project leader, and

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Team Leader, doing technical support for a large hospital, Client Services, airy

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nit in Toronto,

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I absolutely love the job for most of it. The last couple years was a little rough. There were changes being made. I didn’t really like to changes. And it was time and nine years ago, I got out. And one question I get is how did I start my agency? And what did we start doing? Nine years ago, I started doing websites. And then over time I branched into a full digital marketing agency. The reality is I truly believed that websites run a part of the package. There’s other things like SEO, PPC, digital products and more that you need to do in order to

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help your business succeed. So

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I branched out pretty quickly. How did I start doing websites? Oh, there’s a question I love.

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First thing I ever did was actually HTML based

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site. And it was called dot dash Tech Shop calm. And what I did was I did a quick little website for friends and family,

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just to kind

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of say to them, if you want these resources, go to this website and check them out. Don’t bug me, don’t email me, don’t call me. Because I was getting lots of calls. I mean, I’ve always been sort of a go to person in my circle for help. And I got at one point fed up with providing that help. So that’s how I got around it, I created a website. That website was HTML based. It was hosted on one in one calm before I knew it be better. And I even took a free domain. Also, before I knew any better. As many know, I really not into free domains. And I really dislike one on one calm as much as I also just like endurance international group at GoDaddy for hosting. And there’s a reason for that. And we can talk about those later on this episode.

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What is the biggest challenge I have running an agency for me? Really, it’s time management, I have so much on the go right now that sometimes time gets away from you. And I use a combination of daily to do list, and a running calendar and a project management tool called notion, which I absolutely love to help manage that time. So notion I used to manage projects. my to do list is also kept in notion. And then I use my Google calendar to manage appointments and things like that.

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What is the biggest challenge I have?

Unknown Speaker 6:12
running my own agents?

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What is the biggest challenge I like most of all, to run my own agency. I love helping business owners succeed with their business. That is my challenge. That is my satisfaction. That’s what I like to like to do. And that’s what I’m driven by, is if I can help you succeed with your business. Great, let’s do it. Let’s get it done. And let’s make it fun. How do I learn? First of all, I tend to surround myself with people I consider smarter than me.

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That helps the learning big time. I’m also an avid reader, I have a large library. And I’m an avid podcast listener, it’s not uncommon for me to listen to 15 or 25 guests in a week. That’s but knowing that I have about 16 podcasts on my podcast player. And I just cycle through stuff. So love podcasts. To me, that’s the best invention going also like audio books, by the way. Audible is an amazing site, great way to learn. Join the library. I take courses online and offline.

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That’s couple ways. So

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many people say the internet is all bad. What are my thoughts? Not at all. So here’s where I get a little bit personal. And they said in the intro for the show, I would get a little personal. Night. 21 years ago, I met a lady whose name is Joe. We met in the Yahoo chat group, Yahoo chat groups don’t exist anymore. So

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tells you

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long before dating sites were even fashionable. They’re probably just starting out about that time. We dated for a while.

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Joe had two young girls it young boy. We

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we decided after a while really wasn’t working. But we stayed as friends. And we stayed just really good friends.

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And we went through life.

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And nine years later, we got married, believe it or not, we got we got back together later in life. We got married. It’s a good example of what in life takes its natural course and letting it figure itself out. And we’re happily married will be two years of saga, Steve.

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without the internet, I wouldn’t have met Joe. I wouldn’t be working on the internet. And I have amazing friends that I have both locally and across the world. And you know, I’m pretty rich for that. And that’s so the internet stopped all that. But

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Twitter is dead. What do I think? Wow. Not at all. Twitter is still relevant today as ever, ever before. And let me give you an example of that.

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For current events, for things timely in the news for search,

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Twitter is still one of the most searched websites out there. And also, when Facebook goes down or Instagram that goes down or WhatsApp goes down, where do everybody go to complain? Twitter. So Twitter still relevant. And by the way, if you’re a business, you should have placed all your eggs in one basket anyway. So you’re doing Facebook, I be building a community on Twitter as well. That’s my personal opinion. And that’s really important.

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livestreaming thoughts? How do you feel about live stream? Well, I’ve been involved in live streaming event for over 10 years. I’ve live streamed in conjunction with a perfect professional team, as well as in conjunction with even live streaming off flip cams. And frankly, I think live streaming is where it’s at. It’s been proven that Facebook Lives to really well I need to get back and doing them. I actually want to get into doing some YouTube lives as well. So that’s coming.

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And I think they do well they show especially if they’re at an event or have people they show the human side and I really really think it’s important. If you want to learn more about live streaming, go look up my friend lot, Ross brand live stream deals calm. Ross is a pro. So much better than me. And I’ve been doing a follow up at Ross, shout out to you.

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He’s also a great resource a good friend. So

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feel free to crush up.

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How do I handle people who disagree or hate me online? Wow. Well, so I have a long association with Toronto Police have provided for many, many years. And the reality of it all is

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I don’t block people anymore. I used to get blocked you used to get frustrated now I just say X Factor being on like, what actually

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do is

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I I don’t unfriend them because I like to know what they’re saying. So unless it gets really, really threatening, I tend to sort of keep an eye out on them just because I can’t do damage control for me or my business if I don’t know my enemies are saying there’s an old saying in life hold your friends close but your enemies closer so I I adhere to that. I also have Google alerts on all kinds of key stuff and haters. So I kind of know what’s going on there a little bit. So that helps.

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Someone also asked me recently when I started doing websites, what did I do about themes, and

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I’m a WordPress developer, so I do all my websites on WordPress. They said, What themes Do you like and what themes Do you not like?

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I originally started off with several free free themes. And then my friend over in Greece shouted dawn, in Abbotsford bc

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introduced me to a team called headway things

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and headway worked on the pro soapbox. And

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unfortunately, headway like many other teams fell upon some hard times and went into some financial difficulties at one time and some issues that uncommon in the website design business to be honest with you. And

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blocks were kind of

Unknown Speaker 12:33
a first page builder as far as I was concerned. So it was a way to develop teachers.

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And then I was introduced to Aveda

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by some mentors and Aveda. For those who don’t know the theme for number one selling theme of all time, sold over a million dollars work. And Aveda has what’s called the fusion build. And the fusion builder is a paycheck. So evaders great so I use the beta for 90% of what I do. I also have a couple clients running elemental based websites, Beaver Builder based websites and WP Baker based websites and really these are all elements are Beaver Builder and WP Baker are all

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you know, page builders and they’re all designed to help you do your layout they all have their nuances. I’m not going to get into the which one is better. I personally prefer a beta but my friend the vendor sin can will tell you must be for building the vintage up for built a guy want to fall on he’s a good one. My friend Mark Cohen is an elementary girl gal. And Mark love sell mentor both good resources by the way shout outs to them and what they do. But the point is I I’ve learned to master Aveda my websites all Aveda build this what we do for clients. Aveda works really, really well for us. And then the other thing people say to me all time hosting who do like these days, I told the story earlier how I do one on one I’ve been to he hosts Blue Host power web host gator. And

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GoDaddy I’ve never hosted with I used to register domains with a don’t even do that. I used to use managed WP, which is a WordPress management tool. Don’t even do that.

Unknown Speaker 14:38
My holster choice personally is site ground these days, I think they’re really good value for the money. And our tech support is really, really good.

Unknown Speaker 14:50

Unknown Speaker 14:52
You know, a lot of people, WP engine would be a good choice five wheel would be a good choice, or other good choices out there, liquid web, and so on.

Unknown Speaker 15:04
If you jump in any of the Facebook developer groups, people generally gravitate around the same six or seven house. Keep in mind hosting is part of your security solution. So

Unknown Speaker 15:16
that’s really, really important.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
So that’s talks about hosting

Unknown Speaker 15:23
for the web, email hosting social different I, I use g sweet for my corporate email,

Unknown Speaker 15:30
Google spam filters, and their

Unknown Speaker 15:34
and their

Unknown Speaker 15:37
filter, their general filter for sorting out mail and their speedy use is probably the best out there as far as I’m concerned. So why run the mail server g sweet works really well.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
Now the next set of questions are just some quick fun, not so fun questions. Some are some aren’t. But just for that, throw them out there. So let’s go PPC or SEO. Depends what you’re trying to do. PPC Pay Per Click is more of a short term strategy. SEO is more search engine optimization is more of a longer term strategy. I would do both. But you know, sometimes finances are an issue. And results are I did a this week and

Unknown Speaker 16:25
I did a podcast A while ago for the with our CEO and we talked about PPC is the shortest way to ROI return on investment. There’s no question about that. Coke or Pepsi. I’ve a coke guy all and actually Coke Zero. iOS frankly, for me. It’s Android. I love the Android devices. I love what they do. I love how they function.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
Mac versus PC. I’m a PC windows guy all the way. I’ve worked in the PC environment for a long, long time. For me that was truly well. Amazon or the mall. There’s an interest in Amazon Holland. And I live 10 minutes from Canada’s biggest shopping mall, or second biggest shopping mall and I rather shop on Amazon it’s just

Unknown Speaker 17:13

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and wanting to make your life has versus the least I’ve had fun even though I live in a hard at least nation. That’s just the way it is get over it. If you don’t like a couple trends I wanted to talk about real quickly. What’s Trending out there. First of all, we’re in a society where everything wants everything immediate. Keep that in mind when you’re posting, when you’re answering what your businesses

Unknown Speaker 17:43
and kind of what’s caused that it’s a smartphone.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
I actually tell my clients, I answer my emails a couple times a day. I’m really good at it. I plan my work schedule out. I become very good at that. And I work towards that. So that’s all good.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
In the web game, what else says important?

Unknown Speaker 18:10
voice search, Voice Search, look at Amazon Alexa, Google Home Voice Search Siri, Google Assistant on your phone. Voice Search matters. No question about that.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
chatbots are becoming very big yet. I haven’t implemented one. But for some people that works.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
Text Message marketing, a lot of people are trying that again. I actually find it really annoying. So I try not to do and my agency would have find that annoying for other people. But, you know, text message marketing is is out there.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
Social media trends, Facebook and Instagram are still growing strong. Despite all the issues on Facebook, people still live after them found the next big thing. We all know what every time Google gets in the social media they bought unless they buy. And Google Plus is a good example of above. So that’s kind of a couple quick trends, responsive websites. And frankly, apps, mobile apps are becoming more and more trendy every every day. And that’s interesting.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Now, in the agency game, you know, we’ve talked about trends, we’ve done some fun, short, you know, answers. And I’ve talked to a little bit about kind of what I do, how I do it. And frankly, any agency game things are changing all the time.

Unknown Speaker 19:42
Trends change.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
You know, what we do changes how we reach customers changes. And one of the things people ask me all the time is, you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:58
you really like what you do. It’s hard work you do, you know, you’re on the top percent or

Unknown Speaker 20:05
2% of

Unknown Speaker 20:06
what people do, which I and they say to me,

Unknown Speaker 20:11
you know, how do you how do you stay there? And how do you how do you keep succeeding? And I say a couple things. First of all, I picked my client,

Unknown Speaker 20:20
I choose clients that are really like, Can I really want to work with?

Unknown Speaker 20:25
I’ve said no to many people, for the years.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
You can see it being a disaster, you can see it not being the right fit or the right personalities or things. It’s not always just about money.

Unknown Speaker 20:40
But money doesn’t.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
I want to work with people that are serious about making their businesses grow, because I want to help them grow.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
The other thing people say is How do you stay up to date with trends and stay calm, or know what I talked about that earlier in this podcast, morning junkie, and that kind of helps me and helps how I feel and helps what I do. The third thing is life is not about working agency life. By first about my family. My wife, Jill, kids are extended family. My mom was still alive, unfortunately, my dad’s

Unknown Speaker 21:22
about my aunt’s my uncle’s

Unknown Speaker 21:23
and my friends. And that all matters to me.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
And if your work and all you do is work all the time.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
So family. So that’s kind of how I keep saying and

Unknown Speaker 21:38
I go for a walk every day to exercise and make appointment but

Unknown Speaker 21:42
I’m diabetic. It’s good for my health. I work on my weight all the time. That’s good thing. And then it just keep

Unknown Speaker 21:51
motoring ahead.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
And I have a drive to win to succeed.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Robert Herbert Chuck,

Unknown Speaker 22:02
many you know being on Shark Tank, wrote an amazing book called the world. And that book talks all about Dr.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
afterlife, there’s just no question. So I hope that gives you some insights. And I’ve done this before and I’m sure I’ll take another episode of the SDM interview show a couple of special things coming up. Next week, we will be posting an interview I did with my friend Jake foresight

Unknown Speaker 22:36
about community involvement. And I hope you

Unknown Speaker 22:39
you all like that it’s a different take instead of a business owner to but what he does in the community, and Jake’s really involved and I want to highlight and showcase Jake because I love what he does.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
If you’d like to be a guest on the STM interview show, if you have something you want to bring to the table, please email me at home, relax and enjoy Martin calm. Be glad to talk to you and let’s get going. Let’s do that.

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also next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday. On this channel, I’ll be releasing an SDM interview show special. And that special will be an audio version of this Sunday’s Ontario police memorial

Unknown Speaker 23:28
ceremony where we honor phone police officers in Ontario one of the events I get back to and I’ve been involved in for many, many years. But I’m going to I’m going to release this special podcast. So if you want to just listen to the ceremony and not watch the video,

Unknown Speaker 23:45
you will have that option. And from there,

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that’s about all for now. If you want to reach me reach out at Hello at studying digital marketing. com, go to stunning digital marketing. com My agency website up at the top bright, you’ll find links to all our social media sites or if you need to pick up the phone and call me please 24166 to 47647 glad to hear about your projects. sort of thought I’d and I left the last two surprises I mentioned in the podcast. I have two very special announcements coming. We have two new products coming in membership prop package, which I put out there to my mailing list and do quite well in pre beta and beta back in November. And that should be launched by the end of this week. And the other thing we have coming to be gone to the next week or two is a special website

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rental package.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
And stay tuned for that and the details of that. So little different, more geared both geared up to small businesses. So again, if you have interest drop us off. And

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that’s the are all for now. I hope everybody has an awesome day. Thanks for listening, love y’all. And talk to y’all soon. Bye for now.

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Thank you for listening to the esteem interview show.

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This podcast comes out every Thursday for your listening enjoyment. Until next time, please keep your feet on the ground

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and keep reaching for the stars.

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And we’ll talk to y’all soon. Have a great week everybody. Bye for now.

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