Respect always needs to be earned in our personal life as well as in our business life. It is sometimes the hardest to get respect from family. The issue with families is your are born into, married/partnered into or adopted into. You really do not have much choice.

In my family we do not always agree but we do have mutual respect and love for each other. I have an issue with someone in my extended family i will call A. They love to cloud the issue and never take responsibility for any of their actions. They love to cloud the issue and deliberately stray off course of what the original issue is at hand. They love to finger point so no one every takes responsibility.

To add to it even more when you set up boundaries they accuse you of being manipulative and controlling. What they should be saying is they do not like the boundaries. Many times these are not negotiable. They will call the person setting up the boundaries abusive and controlling. Setting up boundaries is not abusive and controlling but self preservation.

What person A does not realize is they are acting out bad behavior. The reason they do it, is it is learned behavior and the the only behavior that they know. To them it is the right course of action. To the average person it is just wrong and shows the lack of respect.

People like person A like to falsely accuse and assume things. Both of these actions show a lack of thought and respect. Then they wonder why others have a problem getting a long with them.

They key is to show respect. You do not have to like or love someone but respecting them is a better option. Even in families.