This past week on Episode 1 of the SDM Interview Show Rob Cairns talked with Jeff Brown about resources and skills needed to learn WordPress. It was an amazing engaging discussion. Rob thought he would share below a few resources on how you can improve your WordPress skills. Here they are:

  1. WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson РThis is the only dummies book our CEO will ever recommend.  The book is well organized and a great WordPress resource.
  2. WordPress Plugins A to Z – This podcast is the best resource for identifying new plugins and what works and what does not work. If you are developing a new website this podcast is a must listen to.
  3. Twitter – Follow the hashtag #WordPress. A lot of great discussions happens on Twitter.
  4. Bob Dunn’s Website – Bob Dunn is a great resource and his blog is well worth reading. He also does several podcasts and links are available to them on his website.
  5. WP Beginner – This website has many great articles to help you with WordPress.
  6. Word Camp Central – Check out a WordCamp near you. Meet some people and learn a little.
  7. – Check out your area to see if there is a WordPress Meetup group.

There are many other resources but check these out as started resources to help you in your WordPress Journey. Please share your favorite resources in the comment box below.