People need to realize that a Cloud-Based file storage service such as  Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox is not a file Backup Service. These are File Sync Services. Let us take a moment and examine what a backup service is and what a file sync service is.

A Backup Service makes a copy of your file. If you delete one copy that other copy remains(unless you delete it as well). There are file backup services that run on your local pc and copy files to a hard drive. There are others that are cloud-based such as Carbonite which backup files to the cloud.

A file sync service stores all your files in a cloud-based area. Images of these files can be kept locally. The service syncs the file across multiple devices including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Once you delete one instance of the file it is removed from the sync service as you have told the service to delete the file.

Backups mean keeping multiple copies of a file (at least 2). At we prefer to keep a minimum of 3 copies with at least one copy to be kept offsite. The reason for keeping one offsite is what happens in the case of a theft or a fire? A well-known tech journalist has his computer stolen during a break-in and the backup drive was next to the computer. It was taken as well.

Hard Drives are cheap these days. Go get a couple and keep proper backups. You will be glad you did. If this is too much work, subscribe to a service like Carbonite and set it and forget it. Just do something and protect your data.

Our CEO Rob Cairns has lost 5 hard drives in this lifetime. He has never lost one ounce of data because he always keeps proper backups. Backups are an insurance policy for your business. The cost and time of doing a backup are far less then having to figure out which data you are missing and recreating it.

Protect yourself today. You will be glad you did!