Getting You The Content That You Need

At one of the things we have looked at over the summer is how we publish content and where we publish our content. One thing that matters is we need to reach the people that we serve on a more consistent and regular basis.

As a result, we have updated our content publishing a little bit. Below is the new framework for our content publishing calendar:

  1. On Mondays – We will start the week off at 11 am est with a Video with the week’s Digital Marketing tip. This video will be available on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  2. Wednesday – The W in Wednesday stands for WordPress. Every Wednesday we will publish a WordPress tip, trick or review.
  3. Friday’s – Friday’s we will publish a blog post every week. The topic will vary depending on what is hot and what is not.

On the other days of the week, we might put out more blog posts depending on what is going on in the wild.

Stay tuned in this space as, over the next couple of days, we will publish updates to our Free Marketing Help Newsletter and what content will be contained in it. A lot of the content in the Free Marketing Help newsletter will not be repeated on our website so you will want to watch for this announcement and subscribe when it comes out!

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