The team at is in the process of moving to a Help Desk Ticketing system for all client requests. We have been down this road before and frankly, the first time did not go so well. This time after a lot of thought and looking things will be much different and much easier for our clients.

The last time we used a third party app. So the clients had to leave the website to put help desk requests in. When they went to enter a request there were way too many options to choose and it was confusing. It made for a bad user experience and this was not a good situation. So we abandoned the product.

Over the summer of this year, we looked at several more products. We thought we found one that we liked and it the end there were issues with the product that was hard to deal with. Socket,  back to the drawing board our team went. This time we really wanted to get it right. Let us fast forward to today.

We settled on the Awesome plugin for Help Desk Support and Ticketing. It was easy to set up and very simple for our clients to use. It allows you to log in with your account or create one. Once you are logged in you can check the status of your existing tickets or open a new ticket.

When you open a new ticket, all the system requires is the subject of the issue, a description of the problem and you the client choose which product is the issue. If you want to upload 2 attachments you can and that is all. Simple and easy!

For agents, they login into the back end, can check and update tickets. Once an agent closes a ticket, an email is sent to the client with the description of what was done on the ticket.

We love this system. It also has many paid add-ons including slack integration that we can purchase and grow as the system grows.

The team at will start using this ticketing system immediately for all service requests. At this point, our team will be entering the tickets on behalf of our clients but as of January 1st, 2019 the clients will need to enter their own.

We hope you find this tool useful. For us, it is all about streaming our workload and make us more efficient for our clients.