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Our CEO Recommends

Robert Cairns CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing.com

Rob Cairns, Our CEO has over 25 years in technology and marketing combined. In his travels, he has come across many things that help the small and large business owner. Below are some recommendations that Rob uses on a regular basis:


For Webhosting we are hosted with and recommend: 

Web Hosting

For social media management, we recommend Hootsuite.

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For SEO Research, KeyWords and Training we Recommend  Market Samurai

For Virus Checking on Your Computer – We recommend ESET Nod32.

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Podcasts Rob Cairns Recommends

The following is a current list of Podcasts which Rob Cairns recommends:

  1. Marketing School – All about Digital Marketing.
  2. WordPress Plugins A to Z – The best WordPress Podcast.
  3. Marketing Made Easy – More about Online Marketing.
  4. Social Media Marketing Podcast – All about social media marketing.
  5. Sparks CBC Podcast – All things digital.
  6. 5 am Miracle – Discussion about personal productive.
  7. The Blog Millionaire – How to improve your blog for success.
  8. The James Altucher Show – Business and life.
  9. The Tech Guy – All things tech.
  10. The Tim Ferriss Show – All things business, life, social media.
  11. The Tony Robbins Podcast – Mindset and more mindset.
  12. WordPress Weekly – All things WordPress

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Email: hello@robertbcairns.com

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