Let me start this out by saying I do a lot of community work. I also donate my time to various organiations and my professional skills. I do pick and chose whO I donate my time too. Usually it is causes that I am personally connected to or communities that really make a difference.

That said lately I find myself saying no a lot to groups that come to me wanting to donate my time. They forget that I have to earn a living. They also forget that they need to start running their organiations as a business. Let me explain.

Non Profits need to start factoring into their budget the cost of running as a business. This has to be part of their funding model. They need to realize that developing a web presence is one of the best ways to promote their organiation They need to realize that costs are involved. It costs money for web hosting, a domain and to develop a web site. This costs need to be accounted for somewhere.

I have many organizations come to me and ask me to donate my time. I say NO to many of them. I also make it clear that this work if I do it is not my number one priority. My number one priorties are always my business followed by my family.

I even have had many organizations say you do great work. Well then why not pay for it? Really work is all what you pay for. In fast I have talked about if you do it for free it does not always pay off. Many people do not seem to value your work as much.

The bottom line is I choose who I will donate my time too. That is my personal choice. I am more then happy to take on other work and I do but their will be a cost for taking on this work.

The best advice I can give is to have Non Profits running and planning as a business. It takes a budget to run an organization. Do you have a budget to run yours?