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Rob Cairns has appeared at many events discussing Digital Marketing, Technology and Online Safety. Robert also produces a regular podcast which can be heard on all major podcast platforms.

Robert has been the guest on several podcasts and is a regular contributor to Jeff Brown’s workplace education classes in Nova Scotia.

Bio On Rob Cairns

Skt Themes did a Question and Answer with Rob Cairns. It even show his current workstation setup.

State of The Word Thoughts on Do The Woo

Last Thoughts on the State of the Word from the Community

This Week in WordPress Dec 6, 2021

This Week in WordPress Oct 4 2021

My Appearance on Do The Woo With a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tip

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips for WooCommerce Builders

Copy chat show with Todd Jones

Q&A: Rob Cairns talks about productivity for agency owners

Rob appearing on Tracey Arial’s Unapologetically Canadian Podcast

Rob appearing on Smart Web Creators

Introduction to Jeff Brown’s Workplace Education Class.

Appearance on Virtual Newsmakers – Kik and Other Alternate Messaging Apps, Dangers, What To Look For.

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