Video is the key in today’s world. Video views draw a lot of engagement. There are two types of video. One is recorded video and the other is Livestreaming. We want to talk about how to do Livestreaming on a budget. You need to get started somewhere and you can upgrade equipment as you go.

Livestreaming on a budget has three main components. They are:

  1. A Good Internet Connection.
  2. Good Audio.
  3. Good Video.

Lets address number 3 first – Good Video. Most current Smartphones have a video camera in them that will produce good video. Our CEO, Rob Cairns has the new LG7 and the video camera in it is increadible. This is a really good start.

A good Internet connection is also required to make livestreaming a success. We have found that using free wi-fi in a hotel or a venue is NOT the solution for success. What does work well is tethering your video source to your smartphone. This will give you better quality video than the free Wi-FI. Now if you are in a venue where you have a dedicated high speed internet connection, than by all means use it.

Last but certainly not least is to get a good external Micraphone to plug into your smartphone for great audio. Remember audio is a big part of the solution even if you are doing Livestreaming on a budget. We suggest a lapel style micraphone that plugs directly into your smartphone.

Besides your smartphone, some things we suggest that you purchase are listed below. All of these can be found on and the prices listed besides the items are in Canadian dollars.

  1. A 50 Inch Lightweight Tripod – $22.99 .
  2. Lavalier Lapel Microphone – $28.28 .

  3. Universal Smartphone Adapter for a Tripod – $13.99 .

For an additional $65.26 plus taxes you now have a starting point for Livestreaming video. This will give you enough good quality video until you upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the Livestreaming game now and help make your business soar.