The power of the brain is an incredible tool. Many of you who follow me on social media know will recognize the title for this blog post. I truly believe life and business is 90% mindset and 10% execution.

It takes a long time to get this, believe it and put this into practice. It can not be just a show or an act to make money, it has to be your reality

The key is to have some optimism on where you are going. Sometimes in life, we have to make changes and take risks. It is not easy to take this approach. Sometimes it will even make people unhappy but that is the way it happens.


My Story

I have had two real tough long term relationships before now. In both cases, they brought me down, were not good for my health, not good for my career and not good for my personal life. In both cases I let these relationships blow out of proportion.

Back then I did not have the same mindset that I have today. I had a good job. I was making real good money working in the health care field. I was successful in many ways but not in my personal life. It always was a bit of an issue.

The reason my personal life was an issue was two-fold. I did not have the mindset than to deal with it and secondly I felt I could change people.

The reality of it all is you can not change people generally. As people get older they get set in their ways and they can not be changed at all. There is no point in trying.

The first part of mindset is a tough one. It takes time to develop the right mindset. It is hard to do at the age of 20 but I am almost 50 now and it has developed. I now know what I like and what I do not like. I listen to, read and practice information learned  from the following well-known people:

  1. Tony Robbins.
  2. Bryan Tracey.
  3. Ryan Diess.
  4. Paul Tobey.
  5. Jac Canfield.
  6. David Allen

These are just a few of the amazing people who I draw from. I know I am smart. I have 2 college diplomas and 12 professional designations. I also recognize there are people a lot smarter than me. I actually follow and learn from people smarter than me. There is no better way to elevate your game then being a learn it all.

The Mindset

Life is 90% mindset. How does that play out?

In my case, I have house cleaned my life. I no longer associate with people that drag me down. I refuse to be around people that are negative all the time. I no longer want to be near people who do not have the right kind of energy. This is both in my personal life as well as my professional life.

This for me is all part of mindset and the journey that life has taken me. I have chosen what I will and will not deal with. It is really that simple.

Other things I do that most people do not do:

  1. I spend an hour of every day reading.
  2. I spend an hour of every day learning something new.
  3. I treat people around me, how I want to be treated.
  4. I take care of my health.
  5. I take care of my partner in life and treat her how I want to be treated.
  6. I own what I do and take responsibility for it.
  7. I never say “I am Sorry” when I do not mean it.
  8. I stand up for my principals and work towards them.
  9. I realize all work and no fun is not good.

These 9 points are just part of what makes up my mindset. Once my mindset is set, then I can execute and go out and make it happen.

Try it and you will find your life will get better. It is so true that life is 90% mindset and 10% execution.

Rob Cairns.