One of the things we pride ourselves with at is integrity. Lately we have run into a few new clients whose previous web designer did not care about how they treated their clients or what their client owned. Let’s take some time and examine this.

In the web design business, it is not uncommon to register a domain for a client. There is nothing wrong or unethical about doing this. What is unethical and wrong is keeping ownership of that domain and not giving ownership to the client. At we have run into this again and again. It is web designers who mess with what their clients own that give the industry a bad reputation.

At we have best practices that we follow. One of these is to ALWAYS register domain names in a separate account that will be turned over to the client once the project has been finished and paid for. The reason for this is the client needs to own their own domain name not you the web designer.

Too many times a web designer will keep ownership of a domain and when the client changes web designer the previous designer will refuse to give the client ownership of the domain name. This is so wrong and not the correct way to do business.

From a business perspective; as a client; you need to make sure you maintain ownership of your domain names. This is to protect your business and what you own. If you are unsure, then you need to ask your web designer up front and get it in writing in your contract.

As a web designer you need to do the right thing and be fair to your client. Remember integrity and your reputation is everything.