One of the things that startups, small companies and big companies need to look at is their budget. It is not a good idea in business to fly day to day. What you really need is a short term and long term budget. Many businesses fail not because their idea is bad but because of cash flow issues. One of the things that impacts cash flow is your budget.

When budgeting one thing that often is overlooked the marketing budget. Many people choose this arbitary and have no long term plan. This means they probablly do not have a long term marketing plan either which is not a good idead.

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Many people are not even sure what goes into a marketing budget. At we can help you figure out your marketing budget and help execute it for you.

In your marketing budget the following should be included:

  1. All Print ads.
  2. Marketing print including things like in store posters, brochures and buisness cards.
  3. The cost of doing live events outside your place of busiess.
  4. The cost of hiring someone to do your marketing for you. If you do it yourself what your cost is.
  5. The cost of digital ads.
  6. Website design and mainteance.
  7. Website hosting.
  8. All tools that you use to market your business.

This list is just a starting point. These are things to thinkĀ  about when you are markekting your business. They all have costs attached to them. The key is to realize the cost – they are probably more then you think!

Take the time to create a releastic marketing budget and your business will be much better of for it.

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