The team at suggests that you should circle Nov 19, 2018, in red if you are running a WordPress website. This is the day as of know that WordPress version 5.0 will be released. This is the day which Gutenberg will come out of release candidate status and be forced on the WordPress world.

Forced? You might ask why? Well, there are many people in the WordPress community including our CEO Robert Cairns who are not sold on the entire Gutenberg project idea. Do we have a choice? The answer to that is no but if you want to continue to use WordPress you need to find a way to deal with it.

Running away to Drupal is not going to help you either. It turns out they are working on their own version of the Gutenberg project. You think they would have learned from all the outcry in the WordPress community.

For those who do not know Gutenberg is the new way of being to edit WordPress websites. It includes its own system of blocks to try and make things easier for the end user. The Team at feels that these blocks will just complicate things more and confuse the end user even more. It is one more complexity the average users does not need.

Even more so with all the amazing pager builders on the market today. WP Baker Composer, Elementor and Fusion Builder(Built into Avada) are three of the big three. As many of you know our choice is Avada/Fusion Builder. With these page builders, we truly believe that there is no need for Gutenberg. The only question is how will the page builders integrate fully into Gutenberg? Time will tell is the answer.

Over the last couple of days our CEO Robert Cairns did some testing with WordPress version 5.0 beta 2 and some older themes. What we can tell you is to be prepared. Older themes will get broken. There is no question about it. If you are running an older theme that has not been updated. you should look at upgrading anyway from a security standpoint. The upgrade to Gutenberg now gives you a second reason.

Before November 19, 2018, we suggest every WordPress website owner make sure that they have a complete backup. This way you will have something to roll back to if there are issues with your website. Take the time and make sure that you are protected and covered.

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