Recently we received an email from Flickr saying they were changing their free accounts around. I could see this coming as Flickr was bought by Smug Mug sometime ago. Frankly, as someone in the web space, I really do not blame them for charging more.

This decision will make a lot of people not happy. Many people think if it is online it has to be free. The reality is these companies need to make money and the only way they can make money is to charge something. If users want companies to survive they need to start being ready to pay for some of the cost of the services.

Flickr is going to be free for 1000 photos and anything over that you will need to pay $49.99 USD.  This is really not unreasonable.  We have Amazon Prime Photos as well but to move things around will just be more headaches then paying for Flickr.

What do you think about companies like Flickr charging for services? Please share a comment in the box below.