What a topic. Is Linkedin or Facebook better for engagement? Let’s take a look at this from a Business to Business perspective. The results may surprise you.

Before we dive into this topic let us start by saying it is important to have a presence on both networks. It is also important to work the presence on both networks but in the right way. Remember on social media that relationships always matter first. Building them is the key to the future.

On Linkedin, we have seen a disturbing trend lately. Many people will add you as a connection request. The minute you approve the request they will send you a private message pushing their product or service. At this point, they know not much about you (with the exception of what is on your profile), no idea what you are looking for and are not interested in building the relationship. All they want to do is push their product or service on you. This is not the way to do business on social media.

The other trend we find disturbing on Linkedin is the many of the groups are turning into broadcast only groups. People are posting their post and not interested in having any conversations with other people. They just want to push and push harder. The reality is social media is all about the conversations. This needs to change and change soon.

Facebook interestingly enough has great Business to Business engagement. We spend a lot of time in Facebook groups and take the time to help people. This helps build a relationship and leads to work and partnerships down the road. The thing that helps make Facebook groups work really well is the moderators.  The moderators in the Facebook groups seem to do a really great job running the groups and enforcing the rules. We have met many great people in the Facebook groups and have even managed to get from some of them.

Facebook’s groups just seem far more engaging these days. This is really interesting as Facebook was developed as a consumer platform. But with a billion users worldwide this is changing.

Hopefully, the mentality of people using Linkedin will change. Things will need to change for the network to continue to grow. Facebook keeps growing their network and a result the platform cannot be ignored.

Which network do you prefer to use? Please leave a comment in the box below.