This is a post I have debated for weeks if I would write. It is one that I am sure will stir some discussion and make a lot of people not happy. Unfortunately that happens sometime. The title of the post “Drawing The Line” is exactly what I am doing. Let me explain.

I get many calls each day from people wanting advice. Advice on social media and advice on web design. They will use terminology like “I just want to ask one question” or “I want to pick your brain”. What they really want is free advice. this is where the problem lies.

On this blog, I give away a lot of technology tips, WordPress tips, security tips and even social media tips. The blog is free to read and it will always be free. The minute we go to a one and one situation we are now in what a call a consulting call. This now becomes a chargeable call.

Now I should also say if I have a prior relationship with you or I am involved in your community groups you are also free to call me. This is a choice I have made and one that I will continue to make. I believe in giving back but not at the expense of my lively hood.

Last week I had a friend say he had a friend who needed WordPress help and he would surely have business for me in the future. I reminded my friend that I am in the business of making money from what I do and that I would have to charge his friend. That is the reality of it.

It is really funny the same people who want to make money do not want to pay anything to make it. Ironic when you think about it. This also seems very typical.

I have several very affordable ways of getting advice or help from me. Please remember you are paying for my many years of expertise and business sense. These in itself are worth money. The ways to get advice from me are as follows:

  1. Read my blog on a regular basis – It’s FREE.
  2. Pay for Quick Help – Up to 30 minutes for $30.00 Canadian will get you one question answered.
  3. Sign up for Blog Coaching Services
  4. Sign up for Social Media Services which I provide..
  5. Sign up for the many WordPress Services that I offer.

If you are in business you need to be prepared to spent money. This includes on your online presence. There is always a cost of doing business and business owners need to remember that.