One of the things that are really important is communication or the lack of communication. It is really important to your business success. Communication with clients will help or break clients.

At StunningDigitalMarketing,com we always start every project with a signed contract. One of the reasons is protection for both parties involved. The contract communicates what are the responsibilities of both parties involved in the project. It outlines all everything involved in the project to help eliminate any misunderstandings. This is an effective way of communicating.

We use other methods of communication including email or online video conferencing, With video conferences, we record them and share the conferences with all parties involved. These ways of communicating work really well.

At this point, we prefer not to use text messages to communicate. At we are re-thinking that policy. Many people now like to communicate with businesses using text messages. So that policy will probably be changing soon in the future.

Another thing we do to communicate with our clients is we send out a weekly client newsletter. We do not believe in the out of sight out of mind theory. We send out the newsletter so existing and past customers do not forget about us. It is all in the communication.

By communicating with the customers and potential customers you have an opportunity to share your business expertise. Sharing your business expertise helps make your customer more comfortable with dealing with you. A comfort level is key in business. It makes working with the customer much easier.

People always say how do you handle delays in a project. The key is to communicate those delays as soon as possible and be upfront. This makes the project a lot easier, keeps the client informed and builds a trust level with the client. Communication does go a long way.

Communicating properly is a skill. One that should not be treated lightly. Please share your communication methods with a comment in the box below.